Ritual and magic to align with higher consciousness

About Or Nah

Yogi, Mentor, Priestess & Spiriturl Gangsta

A yogi of over 20 years, Katie is a radical creative, scribe, priestess and spiritual gangsta hailing from the blessed coast. She received her 200-hour yoga and reiki certification in 2011 with Deborah Hanekamp @Mamamedicine and has led classes in studios, gardens, women’s shelters and arts venues throughout the US, UK and Asia. In 2019, she completed a Trauma-Sensitive YTT with the Lineage Project. A long-time student of Siri Rishi, her practice fuses Hatha-Vinyasa, Kundalini and shamanic styles of yoga; encompassing the sacred alchemy of asana, mantra and pranayama breath work. A pioneer of Hip Hop Yoga, Katie’s transformational work lies under a sacred canopy of co-created ritual and magic to align with higher consciousness.


Yoga and Spiritual Mentorship with Or Nah


Ideal for those looking to deepen their yoga practice, strengthen spiritual hygiene and radical self-care. Offers rejuvenation, peace of mind, increased radiance, strength, energy & vitality.

$35-75 Sliding-Scale via Zoom


Three synchronous Hip Hop Yoga sessions with Or Nah encompassing Divination, Spiritual Mentorship, Astro-insights, Personalized Yoga & Mantra, Magic Manifestation Techniques and Spell Casting.

Ideal for modern mystics and radical creatives, Or Nah offers mentorship around harnessing personal power and reclaiming dominion over your creations and energy. Practical magic to create your most opulent, joyful, emotionally fulfilling life.

$399 - 1.5 hour Weekly via Zoom


Weekly Sessions for 3 months, includes all aspects of the HER FLYNESS package, plus:

- Curated Weekly Inspiration Readings

- Yoni Clearing


- Polishing your *Swan Song* Hip Hop Yoga Flow

Ideal for female-identified folks that wish to heal the Yoni-Throat connection, move through personal blocks & clear relationship and ancestral karma effecting the womb. Word witchery for healing, empowerment and magical manifestation.

$1,111 - 1.5 hour Weekly via Zoom


- Open to all levels, beginners welcome!

- Introduction to Mantra Meditation

- Stress Reduction

- Radical Self-Care

- Astro-insights + Mindfulness Tips

  • Feel at home in your body

Client Testimonial

“I have been feeling all the shifts and experiencing what feels like rebirth, and I would really never be here without you, it was the activating component of the inner work I’ve been doing for years that just wasn’t working. I have released so much from the past and have a better quality of life every day because of how you helped me visualize and create a safe space within myself for just me…just wanted you to know that either way! I am grateful to have found your paint of energy in this lifetime. Shine like you do always.”

- Sapna Reena, Sustainable Fashion, Mumbai

“Katie's steadfast presence as a yoga teacher, space holder, fellow artist, and friend has been a key in my recovery process with Complex PTSD, and a key also in my ability to let go of heartbreak around past faulty leadership. Katie does not shy away from the trauma or shadows, the disappointments or hope, and even on the days when I am a broken record, she's not mean about it, but lovingly present to witness you getting out of your own way. Katie’s transitions in the asana portion of our practice is absolutely sweet plus organic. The first time I had class with her, I giggled, because no one had ever moved me thru the poses with such unique sensibility. I am finally at a point in my life wherein I trust myself to have my own practice consistently- it's taken me awhile, but it's been well worth it to finally find a teacher who is a genuinely good human and understands that folks outside of "the norm" deserve a safe space to practice at their own pace, and Katie has truly taught me how. I have new tools and new chants and a lifetime of support ahead. TY, Katie, for your beloved work!!”

- Kelly Shaw Nyala, Artist


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